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Appraisal & Valuations

ByceAUCTION Apartment Building

ByceAUCTION perform appraisals in accordance with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

Our appraisals are also given in expectation that we may need to defend our valuations in court as expert witnesses. We use extensive technology so that our results can be presented with an LCD projector should this be required. We work in conjunction with our staff accountant in order to construct business valuations which not only take into account the physical assets but also the cash flow, payables, receivables and intellectual property of a business in order to establish an appraised value of an ongoing concern. There are also strict criteria developed by the IRS which we comply with.

We are bonded by the US Bankruptcy Court to provide valuations for Bankruptcy Trustees and their clients. We provide valuations for divorce, probate and civil cases. We are often contracted to provide "Brokers Opinions of Value" on real estate due to our extensive experience as real estate brokers and the millions of dollars we sell each year.


Whether it is personal property, vehicles, equipment, real estate or intellectual property and trademarks; we have expertise to conduct the precise research for our valued clients.

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